Hekmat Alkassar's visual and musical art project
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"Eqtibasat" means quotes in Arabic

Started at
June 2018
Luanched at
01 Sep 2018

"Eqtibasat" which means (Quotes) in Arabic. Is a visual/musical project by Hekmat Alkassar, where he illustrates, produces music, and makes videos, as musical/visual quotations, a metephore that "Quotes" can also be "images" and "sounds".

When did it started?

"Eqtibasat" started in Berlin, 2018, as a psychological therapy , treating depression, and psychosis symptoms, by illustrating some post traumatic thoughts on sketchbooks, giving them a visual existence. Later on music was added, like in "Quotes", Eqtibasat's first EP album. The music in "Eqtibasat" is considered as a soundtrack for the illustrations, and visual videos.


The main singer in Eqtibasat's music is called "Q", a robot speaking words over the music, as a replacement to an unheard human voice. "Q" appears visually, and heard sonically for the first time in the song "Queries" the 3rd track in "Quotes" EP album, singing the alphabets of English, asking questions why is he a TV, and if the listener and watcher is also a TV. "Q" continues to be heard in "91 Portraits" the 2nd album of Eqtibasat, that speaks about 91 emotions, that can be seen, and read in 91 illustrations, 9 videos, and heard in 9 songs.



The illustrations of Eqtibasat were collected in 7 digital books, as they were hand drawn on 7 different sketchbooks. They can be seen on Eqtibasat's website, in the illustrations section. The 8th book is "91 Portraits", the only printed book so far, originally hand drawn on a small sketchbook, that has 91 Portraits of emotions with their titles written in English and Arabic. The printed version of "91 Portraits" book includes two versions of the 91 portraits; the original hand drawn 91 illustrations, and a digitally modified version of the 91 Portraits, and 2 blank pages with the same structure of the book style, for the viewers to fill in their own portrait of emotions. You can buy the "91 Portraits" book which comes with a CD inside, that includes the music of "91 Portraits" album, in the Shop section on Eqtibasat's website. Eqtibasat has over 100 imaginary characters in its illustrations, that will be defined/introduced in the next book/music.

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